Billionaire Kuguru promises to buy locusts for Sh50 per kilo

Billionaire businessman Peter Kuguru is willing to find a better solution to the destructive locusts that have invaded nearly the whole Kenya yet the government is unable to tame them.

Kuguru who hails from Mathira, Nyeri county promises to buy a kilogram of the dried locusts for Sh50.

Kuguru is the founder of Kuguru Food Complex that produced Softa soda, caterers Milling sanitary pads and diapers International and real estate investments.

The food technologist and industrialist says he will make commercial use of the locusts.

“If such a person can go out to the field and collect 20 kilos of locust per day and sell to me. Even if I buy for Sh50 per kilo he makes an Sh1000”.

“I will use these locusts for commercially processing them into animal feed supplements. They bring vitamins, minerals, and roughage” says the former MP for Mathira.


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