Equity Bank Swift Code

To transfer money from an overseas bank account to the Equity Bank account, you need:

  1. The Equity Bank swift code Kenya EQBLKENA
  2. Equity Bank branch codes
  3. Recipient’s bank name which in this case is Equity Bank Kenya
  4. Address of the bank branch in Kenya, i.e. Kenyatta Avenue Nakuru
  5. Name of the recipient
  6. The account name of the recipient
  7. Account number of the recipient
  8. Recipient bank branch
  9. The amount of currency you are sending
  10. An application for transfer of funds forms For security purposes, the sender should keep the details of the payment number, amount, and date of issue.

You will use the information above to fill a remitting form authorizing the bank to make payment to the recipient. On the remitting form, you will have to fill specific details such as the name of the beneficiary, and the amount in foreign currency

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