How to get M-Pesa statement

Checking your M-Pesa statement is crucial as it assists you in monitoring your Mpesa account expenditure. The Mpesa statements also provide transparency for you to review your transaction details and account for the money.

How to get M-Pesa statement
How to get M-Pesa statement

Types of Mpesa Statements

  • Mini-Statement-shows you the last five transactions; You can view it using the Safaricom Mpesa App
  • Full-Statement-sent via your registered e-mail and can also be viewed online

The full Mpesa statement can retrieve the transactions dating back the last 12 months. However, if you need something beyond two years, you can try Safaricom M-Ledger or visit the nearest Safaricom Shop.

Mpesa Statement via Email

  1. Dial *234# from your mobile phone
  2. Enter 2 for Mpesa Information
  3. Select 1 for Mpesa statement
  4. Select 1 for the full statement.
  5. Select Your statement periods which is either three, six or 12 months.
  6. You should get a confirmation SMS from Safaricom with the Email that which the statement was sent.
  7. You then check your email(That which is registered with Mpesa) for the Statement

Mpesa Statement via Safaricom SMS

Via SMS, you can only get a Mpesa mini statement. You can quickly get the statement using Sim Toolkit or USSD code.

Using USSD

  1. Dial *234# and then select option 2 for My Mpesa Information
  2. Select 1 for Mpesa statement
  3. Now enter to get your Mpesa mini statement
  4. You should get an SMS from Safaricom indicating your five recent transactions

Mpesa Statement via Sim Toolkit

Via the sim toolkit, you will also get a statement but with only your most recent transaction instead of five transactions.

To get the mini-statement

Using Safaricom Toolkit

  1. Open sim toolkit
  2. Then go to Mpesa
  3. Select My Account and then chose Mini Statement
  4. Enter your Mpesa Pin and hit OK
  5. You should receive your Mpesa statement shortly

That’s it!

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