How To Pass 2022 WAEC Exams in One Sitting

How To Pass 2022 WAEC Exams in One Sitting

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) examination is fast approaching.

I know you might be having some fear with regard to the 2022 WAEC examination.

In this guide, I will take my time to show you how to pass the WAEC exams in one sitting.

According to WAEC statistics, about 35 percent of candidates failed the last WAEC examination.

Passing WAEC is a hurdle many aspiring tertiary institutions students are always afraid to cross, usually due to the high rate of failure always recorded.

Let’s go straight to the secret of passing WAEC exams in one sitting.

1. Prepare Very Well

Many students struggle with WAEC preparation because they’re not clear:-

  1. What to read
  2. How to allocate their time
  3. Which learning strategies to use

The first thing to do is to get the WAEC Syllabus for the subjects that you’ve registered for.

I know it can be quite tempting to plow straight into reading and revising without having a guide, especially if you want to beat time.

But good planning can make the whole reading and revision process much less stressful.

When reading and revising for WAEC exams, you need to have a clear lead on what and what to expect.

That is why you need to download WEAC’s past questions and answers for more reference.

Here’s a list of some of the things you might need to know to make an effective plan:

  1. What is the nature of the question
  2. How long you’ll have to work on each question
  3. Whether you’ll have a choice of questions.

Once you have all of this information you are a good way towards working out what topics to revise and in what depth.

2. Deal with Past Questions

When it comes to the WAEC examination, I personally believe that you should have all the past questions within your reach. Over time we’ve seen WAEC repeats some of its questions. Not only have those, but answering past questions helps you expand your scope of the examination.

It also prepares your mind as to what to expect from the exams.

In the course of studying please try not to leave any questions unanswered. Seek help where available.

You might end up seeing the question you skipped among the exam questions.

3. Concentrate on Your Studies

It’s not uncommon for you to lose concentration when preparing for WAEC exams.

The mind will continue to wander from time to time. Some of the factors that may cause loss of centration are boredom, saturation, and fatigue.

To beat this, I will suggest you take a 30 minutes break. This aids to refresh your mind and aid concentration. It also offers fresh insights because you’ll absorb information and make links during breaks.

Also, it creates an opportunity to revise after each break.

4. Don’t Delay

Delaying is a very serious problem for most people.

The right time to start preparations for WAEC Exams is now.

It is very dangerous to wait till a few weeks before the examination before starting a reading.

You are just sitting on the time bomb of failure waiting to explode.

Below are some reasons why most students delay.

  1. Fear of failure or not meeting your own standards
  2. Problems with time management
  3. Perfectionism is often associated with unrealistic standards
  4. Being bored
  5. Fear of success and its possible consequences.

5. Develop a Good Examination Technique

Surprisingly, a good number of students writing WAEC lose marks through poor exam technique rather than what they know. You can use the following tips to improve your performance.

  1. Start off by taking some time to settle down and look through the paper carefully. Read and understand the instructions.
  2. You can start with the easiest question to calm yourself down, or with the hardest question to get it off the way.
  3. Take your time to read through the questions before you choose; perhaps the second part of the question asks for something you don’t know about and you’d be better to make another choice.
  4. Underlining keywords in the questions.
  5. Be very careful in answering the question asked. A lot of candidates make the mistake of giving the right answers to the wrong questions.
  6. Make a bullet list for longer answers, so that you stay on track while answering the question.
  7. Every question is allotted a mark. Take your time to answer the right number of questions and share out your time effectively between them.
  8. Don’t neglect any question with the hope that you’ll make it up with another question.
  9. Try to leave some time at the end of the exam so that you can check your answers over. That little time checking can sometimes save you quite a lot of marks.


The West African Examination Council (WAEC) examination can be a challenge to many. But I believe with this guide on how to pass WAEC exams in one sitting, you shouldn’t have difficulties passing well. With all that outlined here for you, don’t just read but also apply it, we hope to get your testimonies.

Good luck with your exams!

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