Why dating that tall, dark and handsome guy is not easy

According to sex expert Dorian Solot, dating tall men has its own challenges that most ladies are not aware of.

Some sex positions don’t work well 

Having sex with a man who is taller than a lady at times brings difficulty especially when it comes to some positions. A good example is a missionary. In this position, both of you will not line up quite right since he is taller. This would also mean that the lady’s face will be lying on his chest hence making things appear awkward.

Holding hands or waist becomes difficult

It is normally enjoyable when lovers hold hands or even waist as they walk. However, this becomes a challenge when the man is taller than the lady. The man, in this case, has to hunch over to make this work. This is not that comfortable for both of the partners.

Sharing things with a partner is a challenge

Sharing things like bed especially when he visits his lady becomes a challenge in case the lady has a shorter bed. This also goes to things like sharing bed sheets with his lady which might not fit him well.

Therefore, as much as tall men are the dream of many ladies, dating them as well comes with challenges ladies should be ready to put up with.

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