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Kimisitu Sacco was formed in March 1985 by a group of Staff from ICRAF. The society was formed mainly to promote thrift among its members by affording them an opportunity for accumulating their savings; and to thereby create a source of funds from which loans can be made to them exclusively for provident and productive purposes, at fair and reasonable rates of interest; thereby enabling them to use and control their money for their mutual benefit.

Kimisitu Sacco
Kimisitu Sacco

Joining Kimisitu Sacco

Employees of international organizations, non-governmental organizations, foreign missions, and embassies are eligible to join Kimisitu Sacco, become members, and enjoy a wide variety of affordable products.


Kimisitu membership is open to the following organizations:

1. Non Governmental Organizations

2. International Organizations

3. Embassies and Missions

4. Other reputable organizations

An organization interested in joining Kimisitu has to fill a pre-membership form and attach their prospectus. The management committee meets every month to review and approve the applications.
Members fill membership form whose entrance fee is Kshs 1000/- and qualify for a loan after contributing for six months. The minimum share contribution is Kshs. 3,000 per month
Open Membership Recruitment Within the Common Bond
Individuals who are not from a member organization/ on a check-off system can now join Kimisitu.

Kimisitu Sacco Requirements for open membership

  1. Duly filled membership form
  2. Attach ID/Passport
  3. Attach Copy of KRA Pin Certificate
  4. Copy of employment contract or letter from Human Resource
  5. 2 Certified copies of latest payslip
  6. Joining fee of Ksh 1,000 and Share capital of Ksh. 30,000 by the year 2020
  7. A minimum monthly contribution of Ksh.3,000

Kimisitu Sacco Diaspora Membership

The diaspora recruitment is now open to all members who have proof of being in the diaspora and are able to make regular contribution.

Requirements for Diaspora membership

  1. Duly filled membership form
  2. Attach ID/Passport
  3. Attach Copy of KRA Pin Certificate
  4. Passport size photograph
  5. Know your Customer(KYC)-To be introduced by an existing member
  6. Joining fee of Ksh 1,000 and Share capital of Ksh. 30,000 by the year 2020
  7. A minimum monthly contribution of Ksh.3,000

Kimisitu Sacco Savings products

Members Deposits

Members Deposits provides a solution for members seeking to save securely and earn dividends at premium rates. Members deposits also enable members to access our affordable credit products by using their deposits as guarantees.


  • One has to register as a Kimisitu member.
  • Minimum monthly share contribution is Kshs 3,000

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Holiday Savings Account

Plan for your stress-free holiday by saving through our Holiday Savings Account. This account is easy to open, offers competitive rates of interest, and has no ledger fees.


  • Allows you to save for a minimum of six months.
  • You can withdraw all your savings and start afresh thereafter.
  • Attractive interest rate paid on withdrawal.
  • No ledger fees.
  • Minimum monthly deposit is Kshs 1,000.


  • One has to register as a Kimisitu member.
  • An interested member fills a holiday savings application form
  • Only a copy of I.D. required.

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Wekeza Scheme is a withdrawable deposit account where depositors can place short term deposits for specified periods of time usually between one to twelve months. The account targets members with large sums of money that they have put aside for investment and they are fairly certain of the period that they can commit the funds.

  • Minimum Ksh.50,000 but member can add any other amount below 50,000 even Ksh.10,000
  • Interest is computed daily and credited at the maturity of the contract period.
  • Three, Six, and Twelve Months
  • Can be used to secure loans at 100%
  • Loss of the interest income in full on withdrawal before maturity date
  • Time frame for refunds is 5 working days

The customer will be issued with a Certificate of Deposit upon depositing the money.The Certificate of Deposit details the amount deposited, date deposited, interest rate applicable, contract period and the maturity date

What can investor do on maturity?

1. Re-invest the whole amount

2. Withdraw part and re-invest the balance

3. Withdraw the whole amount (Principle plus interest)

Little Angels Savings Account


  • Members can open an account for children; the account will be in the name of the child/children but operated by the member.
  • Opening and minimum operating balance Kshs: 500
  • Minimum monthly contribution amount Kshs. 500, can be effected via check-off or direct deposits to our account. Lump sums can also be made. (Upon activation of the new system members will be able to make deposits via mobile banking )
  • Interest rate is 7% p.a
  • Piggy Banks available
  • Open to withdrawal.
  • Little angels forum held annually



  • Membership to the scheme is voluntary to both Sacco members and non members. 
  •  Entry is by registration/ filling a form 
  • Withdrawal can happen at any time and member forfeits benefits and premiums paid thereof  
  •  Re – admission to the scheme will be free 
  •  Annual premiums shall be Kes.3,100, Kes.6,100 or Kes.9,200 either by check off system, M-Pesa, Bank Transfer or by Cash. 
  •  Sacco will pay premiums for members who don’t have cash and allow 6 months interest FREE instalments i.e. Kes.517, Kes.1017 & Kes.1,533 respectively for the 3 categories.



  Forward claim notification and/or claim forms from the principal member physically or sent to  

  If the notification is via email, it is printed and circulated for claim by receiving Sacco officer

  Ensure all the relevant documents required for membership application were provided and premium paid. Otherwise attach them to claim documentation.

  Submit claim supporting documents. The following MUST be attached;

  • Executed Benefit Claim Form.
  • Certified copy of Original Burial permit.
  • Claimant’s Identification Document (ID) and/or Deceased’s Surrender of ID letter.
  • Copy of Police Abstract for Accidental Deaths.

  Acknowledgement of receipt of all documents and processing of claim within 48 hours following time of receipt of the full documentation. 

  The Cheque shall be drawn in principal’s favor.


  Member to give notice of death to the Sacco through email: 

  Provide a Burial Permit or Funeral gathering permit 

  For children – Birth certificates

  For those above 18 – copy of deceased ID & Members ID copy 

  Waiting period: : (This is the period between joining and making the first claim)

  • Natural death:

i) Member spouse and children – 1 month

ii) Nuclear family: 2 months

  • Accident: No waiting period

  Premiums are paid and renewed annually through cash or installment free payments

  Any member who moves from lower tier of premium to a higher tier must top up contributions. 

  If a member wishes to withdraw from the scheme and stops contributing, all the contributions made earlier will be forfeited. 

  In case of claim the member must fill in a claim form.

Maximum entry age of a principal member and spouse is 70

Maximum entry age for parents and parents in law is 85 years


  •  For payment of premium: Pay Bill 911200, under account no: put your ID number followed by word SOS eg. 123456SOS. Mpesa charges apply
  • For repayment of Shoulder of Solace loan, Pay Bill 911200. Under account number, put your ID number followed by word SOL.  Mpesa charges apply

Shoulder of Solace Registration 

Kimisitu Sacco credit products

Premier Loan

The premier loan helps you buy off your bank loan at no charge. The loan repayment period up to sixty (60) months Borrow up to Kshs. 30,000,000. Interest at 1.3% per month on reducing balance. Option to offset other Sacco loans. Bridge Sacco loans at 5% commissioInquire More


Access more funds

This facility will boost your deposits to enable you get your desired loan.

To help you get a bigger loan, we increase your deposits by 100 percent of members’ current deposits at the time of loan application subject to a maximum of Kshs. 500,000. The boosting facility will be credited to your member account.

This amount will be eligible to earn interest on deposit at the end of the year. Interest charge on boosted amount at 5% (one off).

Education Loan

Members can finance their various education needs by applying for this loan.


  • The maximum repayment period is twelve (12) months
  • Granted once a week.
  • Need not attach copies of documentary evidence
  • Interest rate is 1% per month on reducing balance
  • Granted three times the member’s deposits

Emergency Loan

Emergency loans enable our members to pay for emergencies such as hospital bills or fire. There is an option to top up your emergency loan through the Top Up Emergency Loan.


  • Maximum repayment period is eighteen (18) months.
  • Need not attach copies of documentary evidence
  • Interest rate is 1% per month on reducing balance
  • One must be having an existing emergency loan to qualify for a top up emergency loan.
  • Granted three times the member deposits
  • Processed within eight (8) working hours
  • Applications must be received by COB every Friday to facilitate processing for payments.

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Valuation Loan

The Valuation Loan will assist members to pay off valuation fees for collateral. A one off interest of 2.5% will be recovered upfront from the member. The valuation loan will be recovered upon approval and disbursement of the Loan applied for that is secured with collateral.

Insurance Loan

Kimisitu Sacco has a partnership with CIC Insurance where members will enjoy negotiated insurance premiums on various covers.


  • No Interest is charged.
  • The repayment period is nine (9) months.
  • 2/3 Rule does not apply.
  • Guarantors are not required for this loan.
  • Deposits multiplier requirement is waived.
  • This cover is available immediately.

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Mega Loan

Mega Loan is a loan product with the following features:

  • Loan repayment period up to seventy two (72) months.
  • Can be taken as a stand-alone loan.
  • Can be used to bridge Mega, Special Development, Normal Development, Emergency and Education loans.
  • Can be used to buy loans from other financial institutions.
  • A one off charge of 3.5% of loans being bridged or bought will be charged.
  • Can be secured through guarantors and/or collateral. ·
  • Interest at 1.2% per month on reducing balance. ·
  • 2/3 rule applies where applicable. ·
  • Loan will be given up to three times a member’s deposits. ·
  • Proof of other sources of income apart from payroll applies.

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Dream it, Wish it, own it


Loan LimitUpto 5 times deposits Max: Kshs: 5 million
Repayment period48 months
Interest Rate14.5% P.a
Age of the Vehicle8 years
Down paymentToyota Make10%
Other Make20%
Sacco Financing:Toyota Make90%
Other Make80%
Security          Value(Car)Toyota Make70%
Other Make60%
Guarantorship/ Other SecurityToyota Make30%
Other Make40%

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M-Kimisitu Mobile Loan Features

Product Name:M-Kimisitu Features
Product Name:M-Kimisitu
USSD Code:*346# (Access to M-Kimisitu registered members only)
Kimisitu App:Playstore >> Msacco+ >> Install on Your Phone
Membership:A registered member
Sacco Savings consistency:Member is eligible immediately he contributes however qualify up to 80% of the deposit
Maximum loan:A member can access a maximum of Kes. 100, 000 or 80% of the deposits whichever is lower.
Security:No security required but own members deposit
Repayment period:Repayment period maximum 5 months
Interest Rate:The loan attracts Interest at the rate of 5% per month on reducing balance

 M-Kimisitu Registration


Are you a new member with three months of contribution and wondering how to get a loan of up to Kshs. 100,000?

Kimisitu Sacco proudly presents KARIBU LOAN.

At an interest rate of only 1% on reducing balance, you can now borrow up to Kshs. 100,000 with a repayment period of upto SIX (6) months through check off.

With only an appointment/contract letter and a guarantor whose deposits and those of yours cover the loan which is within the three times shares limits, you now have a reason to smile all the way to financial freedom.

Kimisitu Sacco contacts

AEA Plaza, Valley road
P.o Box 10454 00100
Nairobi, Kenya

CALL CENTER: +254 709 136 000

For General Inquiries:
Customer care related inquiries:
For any issues concerning Finance:
For any issues concerning Loans:

For more information on kimisitu Sacco, visit there website by clicking here

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