Governors Salary In Kenya

Governors’ Salary in Kenya

Counties are geographical units within the country. They came into existence due to the new 2010 constitution of Kenya. You can check out this list of all county governors in Kenya that got elected in August 2022.

It contributed to the formation of each county government in the forty-seven regions.

The governor is the chief executive of the county.

All members of the county executive committee are answerable to the governor.

The duties of the governor include:

  1. To preside over the official opening of the county government
  2. To oversee the implementation of county legislation
  3. To supervise the management of county departments
  4. To chair county executive committee meetings

The county governments have the responsibility to provide services to the community within their jurisdiction. The functions of the county government include the following:

  1. Collecting revenue
  2. Providing health services
  3. Building and maintaining roads
  4. Proving nursery and primary schools.
  5. Collecting garbage
  6. Providing sewerage and drainage services
  7. Providing clean water
  8. Allocating land for special uses
  9. Protecting public land
  10. Passing by-laws

Apart from all the duties the county governors perform, they are one of the highest-paid public servants.

The Salaries And Remuneration Commission (SRC) has set the governor’s salary and allowances at Ksh 924,000 per month which includes a basic salary of Ksh 554,000, and a house allowance of Ksh 200,000, and Ksh 170,000 for market adjustments.

County Governor Salary and Allowances
Basic Salary Ksh 866,000
House Allowance Ksh 300,000
Market Adjustment Ksh 170,000
Total Salary Per Month Ksh 924,000

That’s it, you can comment below on what you think about your county governor’s performance.

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