What are the New KRA tax rates?

Effective 1st January 2018 new income tax brackets will come into effect for all salaried workers. The tax rates/percentages will remain steadfast with the highest tax rates at 30%. However, the different income/salary bands at which these tax rates will change, favoring the lower-income earners.
The new income brackets and new KRA PAYE tax rates used to calculate the net pay will be as follows :

Taxable IncomeTax Rate
KSh.0 – KSh.12,29810%
KES 12,999 – KES 23,88515%
KES 23,886 – KES 35,47220%
KES 35,473 – KES 47,05925%
KES 47,059 and above30%
New KRA tax rates

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