List of Businesses to Start in Kenya and Become a Millionaire

List of Businesses to Start in Kenya and Become a Millionaire

There are hundreds of businesses you can start in Kenya and become a millionaire. Such businesses may not be appealing to common citizens but they are worth investing in. Some of them require a capital of as low as Ksh1,000.

Here is a full list of businesses that will make you a millionaire in Kenya:

Garage business

Fast food restaurant

Car spare part businesses

Large scale farming

Hardware business

Restaurant in big towns like Nairobi

Buying and selling land

Building rental houses


Owning electronics shop

Owning a betting site

Wines and Spirits shop

Owning PlayStation shop

E-commerce business

Investing in Unit Trust

Transport and Logistics business

Butchery business


Car wash business

Car hire business

Executive salon

Selling scrap metals

Online Marketing/Social Media Influencer

Become a YouTuber

Metal Workshop business

Owning international schools

Own a church in major towns

Petrol station business

Selling timber

Catering business

Guest House business

Start a chemist

Run a clinic

Clearing and forwarding business

Owning long-distance trucks

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