List of Companies owned by Chris Kirubi

List of Companies owned by Chris Kirubi

Chris Kirubi owns shares with more than 50 companies.

He is one of the richest men in Kenya. As of 2021, he was worth was over Ksh 70 billion.

A list of companies owned by the billionaire include:

Two Rivers Mall

Nairobi Security Exchange shares in several companies—over Ksh12 billion

  1. DHL Kenya
  2. Capital Media Group
  3. Pearl Marina Project Uganda
  4. Centum Investment Company
  5. Bayer East Africa
  6. Nairobi Bottlers
  7. International House at the heart of Nairobi CBD
  8. Haco Tiger Brands
  9. Kiruma International Limited
  10. UAP Provincial Insurance Company Limited
  11. Beverage Services of Kenya Limited
  12. Sandvik East Africa Limited
  13. House in Runda worth Ksh 200 million
  14. House in Mombasa worth over Ksh200 million

Rest in peace Chris

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