KRA P9 form Download – How to File KRA Returns Using P9 Form

What is KRA P9 Form?

The KRA P9 Form is the form from KRA Income Tax Department that is given to employees by their employer. It shows the employee what they had earned in the previous year and how tax has been deducted from those earnings.

This is the form that contains the information that you will be used to fill the KRA iTax Returns form online in the KRA Portal.

How to File KRA Returns using P9 Form

All Individuals with employment income must pay income tax and therefore need to be supplied with a KRA P9 Form by their employer.

So, depending on your company structure, visit your Human Resource Officer (HR) for your KRA P9 Form copy.

How does a KRA P9 Form Look Like?

A sample P9 form from KRA Income Tax Department has the following entries;Loading…

Header Section: Employers Name, Employees Names, Employer’s Pin, Employee’s Pin, Employee’s Payroll Number

Body Section: Pay of the Month, Non Cash Benefits, Value of Housing Quarters, Defined Contribution/Benefit Fund, Owner Occupied Interest (Home Ownership Savings Plan – H.O.S.P), Defined Contributions and Owner Occupied Interest, Taxable Pay, Tax on Taxable Pay, Monthly relief, Insurance relief and PAYE Tax, Total Changeable Pay and Total PAYE Tax.

KRA P9 Form indicates all taxes on basic salary, allowances, benefits, bonuses, grants, etc.

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