Julis Mwale is an Opulent Kakamega Tycoon regarded as the Richest Man in Western Kenya. He is a principal investor in Mwale Medical and Technology City. A $2-billion community-owned city and a sustainable metropolis in Butere Sub-County in Kakamega, Kenya.

Julius Mwale Family

Mwale rose in Lunza village in Butere, Kakamega County. His parents were businesspeople. So automatically enacted the mantle to him. However, Mwale’s parents passed on when he was still young. He is married to Kaila Ek Mwale. The marriage took place in New York in 2008.

Julius Mwale Age

Julius Mwale was born in mid-1976 and is currently 46 years old in August 2022

Julius Mwale Education

Mwale started his education at a local Primary School in Lunza village and later joined Mukumu Boys Secondary School before entering college to pursue a diploma in telecommunications engineering. Julius believes technology has a broader market than any other experienced career.

Later he joined the Kenyan Air force, majoring in technology analysis and internet infrastructure. However, he was mired in a tussle with some individuals over academic property issues, which forced him to exit the country. While in the US, he explored electrical engineering at Columbia University.

Julius Mwale Employment

He was employed initially at the Kenya Air force as a telecommunications architect but fled through Uganda and Zimbabwe before pursuing asylum in the US. The mogul is behind the multi-billion Mwale Medical & Technology City based in Butere, Kakamega.

He broke the glass ceiling by pioneering biometric technology and combining it with two-factor authentication as a secure way for online banking systems.

Julius Mwale New York City Asylum

Mwale first recompensed in Uganda but was paranoid over his safety, which forced him to flee to Zimbabwe and later to the US in mid-2001. For the initial year, Mwale had an ambition for a breakthrough in technology but encountered a tough life, and it dawned on him that achieving his wishes would be an extremely slippery climb.

He compromised on a homeless shelter that was a budget for low-class people, although he desired to have asylum. Mwale in an interview on YouTube said, “A Homeless shelter is central to the people coming from jail; you meet individuals that are not mainstream people in the community, but my focus was to work on my technology, and the atmosphere was not so important.” 

Sadly, his laptop, a priceless gem containing bulky research data, was stolen. As a result, Mwale courageously had to utilize the public library even though he was confined to using the computers for an average of 30 minutes. The culture shock further pricked the troubled life that he experienced. The factors included a different language, climate, and food.

Julius Mwale Launch of SBA Technology

Mwale worked and joined Columbia University to study electrical engineering, although his main priority was to use this opportunity to create complex connections. 

Eventually, he was triumphant and launched SBA Technology, a company for which he was the president and head of the strategy.

The company pioneered a wave-based biometric system in New York, an unusual locality for a technology firm. Via this company, Mwale earned whooping 2 million US dollars and employed engineers across the globe.

 The company had 60 employees by 2003. It was among the first reputable customers that procured its services was the Bank of New York.

In 2004, SBA’s investment got a mega growth that would skyrocket it to unprecedented tiers when two-factor authentication legislation was passed and later effected in 2006.

The biometrics acquisition paid off handsomely, then plowed the funds into the Mwale Medical and Technology City acquisition.

The Mwale Medical and Technology City

Mwale Medical and Technology City (commonly abbreviated as MMTC) is a community-owned sustainable metropolis in Butere Sub-countyKakamega, Kenya. 

It is around a large medical complex with a 5,000-patient capacity Hamptons Hospital, with a research and innovation park in the Plaza district. 

It also has a large industrial district anchored by a 10 megawatts solar power plant manufacturer and a Ksh 28 billion acquisition in a data center. Three other districts have residential homes with a 36-hole golf course, a commercial shopping center with a mall, supermarkets, and hotels, and an airport district for evacuating patients to the hospital via a planned cable car.

 Its value is US$2 billion. It is “A golden standard for new green Cities’ development worldwide.” MMTC serves as a successful template for other new cities, including Akon City in Senegal, which has integrated and uplifted the local community and catalyzed economic growth in the region.

The Hampton Hospital, a 5000-bed structure, was set up to loosen the hindrance of Kenyans and East Africans from touring India for medical attention. 

Due to the studies done, the idea behind setting up the hospital was to tap into the billions being channeled abroad for treatments by presenting an alternative & cheaper solution. 

Currently, the hospital has instituted at least 5000 jobs. According to Mwale, the numeral of workers by the end of 2022 would be at least 20000.

Julius Mwale Mumias Sugar Bidding

In a move to revitalize Mumias Sugar Company which is presently under receivership, a firm connected to Mwale made the highest bid of Ksh. 27.6 Billion in 2021. Mwale emerged top among the Eight interested investors. The second-place bid went to Kruman Finances with a quote of Ksh. 19.7 Billion.

Julius Mwale Private Jet and Value

In May 2022, Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina was pictured inside Julius Mwale Private Jet Gulfstream G450 worth $ 4 billion. The 14-passenger aircraft has a speed of up to 1,85 Km/ Hour and runs on powerful Rolls Royce Engines.

Julius Mwale Horses Worth

Back in the United States, Julius is a stinking Rich Tycoon rearing on average 19 horses valued at Ksh. 1.5 Million each.

Mwale Medical and Technology City Economic Centers(Districts)

Plaza District

The Plaza district is one of the five economic centers of Mwale Medical and Technology City. 

The district is anchoring a the 5,000-patient capacity Hamptons hospital, the innovation park, and commercial centers with shopping, dining, hospitality, and residential homes.

Hamptons Hospital

Hamptons hospital acquired Kshs. 21 Billion (US$ 200 million) of equipment in 2021 to enable it to become one of the World’s leading hospitals.

It was opened in July 2019 for cancer treatment and later opening other departments. The hospital provides free treatment to the 2 million residents of Kakamega County with National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF)cards. It is NHIF accredited.

Ambulance services are put in place to provide emergency care to residents in the western region of Kenya. The hospital supports the community in other ways other than providing treatment.

It distributes free solar street lights to schools and the entire county. One billion shillings (US$ 10 million) have been spent on a community lighting program in Kakamega County.

Community members receiving free lights in 2022

Research and Innovation park

The research and innovation park is located in the Plaza District with over welcoming an Sh28 billion ( $260 million ) data center by the French firm Atos. 

 As the Research Park grows, several other major international firms have already taken space and chosen MMTC as the headquarters for all their African operations.

Hamptons Mall and Residences

Hamptons mall is a multi-billion shilling shopping mall anchored by Mwal-mart supermarket which provides a ready market for the 35,000 residents in the City to supply their organic produce and for shopping. 

The mall also contains Hamptons Cafe bed and breakfast and more than 90,000 square feet of private residences; that have a gymnasium and Olympic Size swimming pool for private residents. These were part of phase 1 of the City construction from 2014 to 2016.

Industrial District

The industrial district is one of the 5 economic centers of MMTC and is powered by a solar power plant. 

The district runs for 4 Kilometers and has its main two arterial roads; the Power plant road and the By-pass road connected by the boulevard. 

With its emphasis on sustainable development, MMTC has attracted globally-leading technology companies and hundreds of international investors. One such firm is the Miami-based Innova Eco Building System which invested US$40 million in 2019. It invested to build a green eco panel manufacturing plant at MMTC for building 4800 homes.  

These homes, like all facilities in the city, are powered using 100% renewable energy such as solar. Atlanta-based MCX Environmental Energy Corp invested US$100 million.

Its investment builds the 30-megawatt solar power plant that complements the city’s other renewable energy solutions. 

Golf District

The golf district is the Main residential district of MMTC. It consists of the 36-hole beautifully landscaped Hamptons golf course. 

The district stretches along the 9 Kilometer Golf and Church roads, beginning South at Lunza Boys High School. It then crosses Hampton’s boulevard to the north and veered Northwest past School road at St. Michael School Muluwa. 

The district then bears West to 12th street at the 35th hole fairway. A majority of the residents in this district are locals who had their homes upgraded in exchange for land. 

They additionally receive rental homes rented to MMTC workers. The main economic activity in the golf district is golf tourism, farming, and real estate.

Grid District

The Grid district runs along the boulevard for 6 kilometers starting at the first street and continuing past the 12th street. It is allocated for low-density housing, and unlike the Plaza district, it does not contain high-rise buildings. 

It runs from the East to the West of the City, situated on beautiful rolling hills with three rivers of Ingoye, Indechesa, and Imbanda. 

The boulevard is scaped with large beautiful mansions for residents.

Airport District

This district is one of the five economic centers of MMTC. It runs on four main arteries and the terminal section next to the School road near Khushibiriri.

The 5-kilometer Station road has a ramp for the planned cable car station designed to ferry visitors and medical tourists from the airport to the hospital in the Plaza district. 

The third golf trail is an entertainment zone for tourists, and the 4th street is the main residential zone of the airport district. The 4th street contains high-rise apartments for residents and City workers.


office – +254 715814057 Hamptons Hospital – +254 723 150154

Hamptons Hospital physical address- Off D260 Road at Lunza Primary

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