Mary Ann Musangi, Chris Kirubi’s Daughter Who Will Inherit His Wealth

Mary Ann Musangi, Chris Kirubi’s Daughter

Mary Ann Musangi is the daughter of the late Chris Kirubi, she is the one to inherit over Ksh70 billion left by the billionaire. The industrialist died of cancer and leftover 10 companies to be run by his now 50-year-old daughter.

Kirubi divorced his wife in 1999 but he was left to live with his daughter.

In 2017 he was diagnosed with cancer and was given 4 years to live.

He has been battling the chronic disease since then.

On 14/6/2021 he died at his home in Nairobi.

Here are the photos of Mary Ann Musangi:

chris kirubi daughter
chris kirubi daughter

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