Chris Kirubi Wife

Chris Kirubi is not married. He was married before divorcing his wife in 1999. The billionaire has been living a single life since then. By the time of his death, Chris Kirubi was 80-years-old.

Very little is known about his family especially after the much-publicized divorce which saw him lead the rest of his life as a bachelor.

So little is known about his wife Ms. Kirubi who went under immediately after they successfully parted ways with the deceased.

However, it can be revealed that as late as 2017 the lady who leads a lowkey life had already retired and is leading a low life.

He leaves behind a daughter by the name Mart-Ann Musangi who is 47-years-old.

Wambui is a Kenyan businesswoman and entrepreneur who runs her father’s empire and also seats on a number of boards of public and private companies.

The companies include; Sidian Bank, Haco Tiger Brands, UAP Investments Limited, International House Limited, Woof Advertising and marketing, Sheraton in Rongai, and Croyden Limited.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in International business administration and a Master of Science in management from the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom


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