Aliingiza yote nikiona, then nikasikia bibi akisema,nimeinua,zama ndani sasa,katambe.Tears Started Flowing and I was forced to Do This!!!

I am a Primary School teacher in Makueni. I got a transfer from Nyeri last year.

I am married with three children. My wife runs an MPESA shop in Nyeri. Before I was transferred, we used to be close to each other, she loved me so much.

The first three months after I got a transfer, she was okay with me, she made sure she said hey even when I wasn’t near my phone. We were very close. But as time went by, I realized that when I called her, she wasn’t as enthusiastic as before…she could pick my call and respond as if she was responding to a stranger. I just said it’s because she is maybe busy with taking care of our children.

After a while, I heard from a friend that she was moving with a traffic police officer. The friend told me that he had spotted the officer severally going to my house in the wee hours. I took him seriously and came personally to confirm. A day before I came, I told my wife that I was supervising exams, so I won’t make it that weekend. I made her psychologically aware that I won’t be near the house. That day I traveled and camped in my friend’s house, who lives in an apartment near our house.

At exactly 9 pm, my friend came shaking, he pointed outside the window, “look, that’s the man”. I saw a well-built man enter my house, my wife hurriedly opened the door and closed it after the man entered.

I waited for about 30 minutes, then tiptoed straight to where my bedroom was situated, I was outside of my house. This is what I heard:

“Aliingiza yote nikiona, then nikasikia bibi akisema, ,nimeinua,zama sasa,katambe”.Tears started flowing freely down my cheeks. I wanted to push the door open but I feared the police might kill me.I then called my wife and informed her that I have heard everything. This is what she answered,”ukitaka unaezaniacha.Kwanza kesho nahama”.

I went to my friend’s house and slept until the following morning when I boarded a vehicle and went straight to Makueni.

Upon arrival, I got this message from my wife,” come and close your house, I have moved on”.

From that day, she started living with that police officer.!!

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