Most Profitable Businesses in Kenya in 2022

Which is the most profitable business to start in Kenya?

Here is a list of the most profitable businesses to start in Kenya

Selling second-hand clothes (MTUMBA)

It’s one of the most popular businesses in Kenya someone can start with less than Ksh 30,000 only.

Most of the clothes are got from the leading markets Gikomba and Muthurwa.

Car wash businesses in Kenya

The car washing business is a service industry that can help you earn a lot of money if done well. It involves taking care of vehicles, including cleaning them to look more attractive and boost their resale value.

Mpesa And Bank Agent Business 

M-Pesa has grown to be one of the most lucrative financial businesses in Kenya.

It has also enabled mobile banking to thrive too. It’s one of the best businesses with high returns.

Cleaning and Laundry Business

Cleaning offices, industries, and financial institutions is also a booming business to comfortably operate in Kenya.

Opening up Dry cleaning services for dirty clothes is also a lucrative business to operate

Cereal And Vegetable Business in Kenya

Selling dry cereals is also one of the most profitable businesses to operate.

It includes getting legumes like beans, maize, and Jahi .

LPG (GAS) Retail Business in Kenya

Refilling and sale of LPG cooking gas are among the best profitable business to operate.

The government of Kenya offered a subsidy program for the LPG making it even more accessible and easy to manage.

Boda Boda and Car hire Business in Kenya

Boda Bodas are considered one of the fastest means of transport.

Operating and hiring car services is also a profitable business idea.

Courier Services in Kenya

Sending and receiving packages from different parts of the country is a booming idea that has been embraced by the Kenyan community. This also adds up to one of the most promising ideas.

Security Businesses in Kenya

You can start a security business by buying a few guard uniforms and ordinary flashlights.

Then you can use Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn to advertise your services and hire guards for small events like football games or concerts in Kenya.

Motorcycle And Car spare parts

Second or new car parts shop is one of the emerging trends where the market is readily available. A strategic location for this business idea would do very well.

Printing and Photocopy

This business goes well near college or university institutions because it will serve the needs of the students.

Ecommerce business in Kenya

Selling goods and services online is the most convenient business to operate.

Airbnb business in Kenya

This is the latest booming business in Kenya, If you have that extra room give it a try

Jewellery Business in Kenya

Jewelry businesses are profitable because many people like buying jewelry, especially beautiful and unique.

You can start this business by purchasing some jewelry, learning how to make it yourself using online tutorials, and promoting your business by word of mouth.

Additional Business Ideas

  1. Fitness equipment and Accessories
  2. Hiring and talent acquisition
  3. Web and Graphic designs
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Mobile phone sales And Repair
  6. Cosmetic Business
  7. Travel Agency Business
  8. Computer sales Business
  9. Food sales Business
  10. Baking Business
  11. Jewelry Business
  12. Children’s daycare
  13. Event Planning
  14. Photography and Cinematography

In case you have any additional business ideas please comment below. Thanks

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