How Much YouTube Pays for 1 Million Views

How Much YouTube Pays for 1 Million Views?

The amount of money YouTube pays per 1 million views range between $1000 and $5,000 depending on various factors. For USA traffic, 1 million views yield over $2,000.For African traffic, 1 million views generate approximately $1,000.For UK and Canada traffic,1 million views return $1,500 and above. The RPM(Income per 1000 views) ranges between $0.4 and $5.

There are a couple of factors that determine the income of YouTubers, they include:

The geographical region of traffic

Traffic from the USA is good, from India and Africa is poor while Europe is equally good. As a YouTuber, your main target is to get traffic from Europe and USA. If you are targeting African traffic, then go for views from South African—they yield high returns.

Watch time

The more time your videos are watched, the more money you make.YouTubers with high-quality videos attract more watch hours and earn better returns. Videos that are watched for more than 30 minutes each pay up to $3,000 per 1 million views. Low-quality videos with few watch minutes pay as little as $0.4 per 1000 views.

As you create your videos, take time to generate high-quality ones. Each should also be more than 20 minutes long.

Number of Adverts per video

More adverts on a video generate more income …but the adverts should not exceed 3 in a video. Statistics show that those with 2 adverts earn more than videos with one or three adverts. But you shouldn’t put two adverts in a short video because you’ll discourage viewers.

Type of videos (Niche)

Videos covering finance, mortgage, investment, and banking products generate handsome returns.1 Million views will return over $4,000.But the problem with these topics is that those interested are normally few, so getting 1 million views is not a mean feat. Tech and review channels are other niches that have decent YouTube income.

YouTube measures income in terms of RPM. For low-paying niches, the RPM is usually less than $0.5 and for high-paying niches, RPM goes past $2.RPM means income per 1,000 views. If RPM is $1, it means the income is $1 per 1000 views.

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