How to make your own ice cream at home

Making homemade ice cream is a piece of cake, neither you don’t need to be an expert in order to make it. So long as you have all the requirements, you are good to go. 

How to make your own ice cream at home

Here is how to go about it;


1. A half teaspoon of vanilla

2. One cup of milk

3. One and a quarter tablespoon of sugar


1. One gallon-sized plastic ziplock freezer bag

2. 2-3 cups of ice cubed or crushed

3. 1/3 cups of coarse salt or kosher

4. One quart-sized plastic zip lock bag


In a small plastic bag, add milk, vanilla and sugar, then mix them. Seal the bag tightly. 

In a gallon-sized plastic bag, mix ice and salt. Insert the small bag containing milk, vanilla and sugar into a large plastic bag and seal tightly.

Then you will be required to shake the bag vigorously for at least five minutes. After a span of at least 5 minutes, the liquid (a mixture of sugar, vanilla and milk) in the small bag will harden.

Do not open the bags, leave them intact for another few minutes on a plate, rearranging the ice in the large bag so that the ice surrounds the small bag. This is usually important because it facilitates the faster formation of the cream.

After all these processes, unseal both bags then scoop out the ice cream.

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