The Top 20 Most Popular Kenyans with many followers On TikTok

The Top 20 Most Popular Kenyans with many followers On TikTok

Over 20 years ago, if you wanted to be famous, you’d have to wait for your local Radio station, TV to discover you or the national paper. You would have to stay tuned all the time to see, hear, or even read about the story you gave, and at a time in vain. Today, with just a smartphone, a decent camera, and a hidden talent, then fame is within you. Smiling, dancing coyly, a click-of-a-button away. 

Kenya our homeland has also seen a sudden rise of new Tiktok. sensations: comedians, dancers, masters, and mistresses of the lip sync, cooks, and others who live off pirated content. 

Tiktok has made, most people even the elderly realize hidden talents that could have been in no time buried in the richest places in the world.

Here are the top 20 most followed Kenyan Tiktokers:

1) Moyadavis1 @moyadavid1- 3.5M followers

Moya David the now Top international influencer has ganged himself a booming 3.5Mfollowers and 43.0M likes. This gentleman has won the heart of the Kenyans and people over the world for his calligraphy dance moves.

This came after his surprise videos on the street to the needy, homeless, and also market women among others went viral. He has touched the hearts of so many Kenyans with his most popular Mi Amor song by jovial dance moves went viral. He recently launched his beauty spa named David Moya’s spa.

2) Vick Brandon

With a following of 2.7 Million, Brandon (is that even his real name?), sits pretty on the throne of Kenya’s funniest online TikTokers. He is creative, funny, and versatile. And you know who else agrees with me? The 34.5 Million collective likes his video content so far.

3) Azziad @azz_iad- 2.7M followers

It was hard to even place her in any category. She is a star everywhere and to be honest, the one person who made many Kenyans discover TikTok.

With the Midas touch, everything she touches goes viral. (I mean, just ask Femi One).

With no end in sight, she boasts a collective 2.7M followers and 34.5Million likes on TikTok. Azziad dances herself app to app, deal after deal, and with a smile that lights up the dullest of Like buttons.

4) Trisha_khalid- @trisha_khalid- 1.8M followers

Trisha_khalid is a Kenyan tiktoker based in the Coast region. The curvy lady does her content based on her businesses, her lavish lifestyle, and also her dance moves. She’s known to be a vulgar loud lady. Don’t dare cross her!

She has 12.4M Likes with a backup account under the name Mummie Francie @mummie_francie with 1.1M followers and 16.2M Likes.

5) TheRoamingChef- 1.4M followers

Rugby-star-turned-chef Dennis Ombachi combines his skills in parenting and cooking to keep his fanbase of 1.4M followers hungrier for more.

This self-taught chef and soon-to-be father-of-two have earned his stripes, video after video, clap-back after clap-back. 

One of his videos where he fed street children went viral and had Hollywood celebrities swooning in the comment section.

His videos have a collective 15.3million likes.

6) Swiry Nyar Kano- 1.0M followers

She fancies herself a voice for Africa and a positive impact influencer. Although her account is not verified, she has a following of 1.0 Million and some collective 12.5million likes from fans who can’t get enough of her thought-provoking content that makes you proud to be African.

7) Kaka Luis @kalausi73- 967k followers

Kaka Luis is a comedian with 8.2M likes and 967K followers. He is one of the most followed due to his humorous comic teaching skills clips. His real names are Elly Ocheing.

He made headlines on Standard Pulse Magazine on 26/8/2022  ” Kaka Luis Kicking it Big”.

8) Flaqoraz @flaqoraz- 876.0K followers

Before everyone became funny online, Flaqo and his family who brilliantly plays all characters, were funny. And he did it all on Instagram, Tiktok’s older sister.

And now, he has tickled his way through to some 876.0K followers on Tiktok and with no end in sight, raking up some collective 9.9 million likes. 

9) Ajibgathoni- 847.1K followers

She has 847.1K people that follow her have proven she is right and boy can that waist move. She is pure talent and glad she is now monetizing it.

Her lip-sync and dance videos have raked in some 20.1 million collective likes. 

10) Flirtycarlos- 772.6K followers

I would have loved to say that Carlos has flirted his way to some 772.6K followers and a collective 16.1million likes but, ok, I will say it.

But what he lacks in flirting, Flirtycarlos more than makes up for it with dancing. He calls himself an award-winning dancer and has the numbers and moves to back it up. 

11) Mr. Mbilimbili-755.9 followers

Mr. Mbilimbili’s feed is an interesting mix of creative and funny content. Scratch that. He is wildly hilarious. His original videos rake in hundreds of views by the second. 

He boasts a following of 755.9K and has 6.1 million collective likes on his videos.

12) Naughty by nature- 705.4k followers

Ngina Kenyatta looke alike. A Kenyan/Tanzania content creator sho serves some serious lip sync vibes. She boasts some 705.4k followers and 7.9 million likes.

If you are expecting some racy content, you will be sufficiently disappointed. 

13) Dance General- 672.6k Followers

This dance choreographer, tutor, and model is getting all the love, footwork after footwork. His videos get hundreds of thousands of views and likes and you can see why because you will hit that Follow button with a quickness.

He enjoys a following of 672.6K, and 10.2M likes and he does not reveal how many collective Likes he has accumulated.

14) Thee pluto @thee_pluto- 682.4K followers

Robert Ndegwa Kamau is an economic student at Jomo Kenyatta university of agriculture and technology. He has gained fame via his life reality show via doing revealing how the world has become unclean with love partners cheating as no love exists anymore. Via his shows, he has garnered up to 5.6M likes and 682.4K followers.

15) MamaFathma- 642.8k followers

This TikToker plays a Swahili woman better than, and please forgive me, a Swahili woman. He is rib-cracking and unusual and there’s not a better place to be unusual than on Tiktok. 

His videos are relatable and viral, raking in some collective 8.9million likes. He has a following of 642.8k.

16) Mukenya Vibes @mukenyavibes- 562.5k followers

Zanji Mukenya has danced himself into a following of 562.7K. 

That and a copious amount of funny videos have garnered him some 11.6 million likes on Tiktok, ensuring he has a seat in the Kenyan pantheon of Tiktok greats.

17) Aunty wa Majuu @kenya_in_germany1- 539.9K followers

She’s a Kenyan based in Germany who has gained 539.9k followers and 8M likes. Her content is based on her daily doings and just from Moya’s dancing she was inspired and does dance street supprises to get the people’s reactions.

18) ShanahMendoza-534.3K followers

Her Tiktok bio reads: I don’t support negativity, think what ya want, I got no time to justify myself, and she does not.

But we will tell you what she does; posting some top-tier lip-sync and dance videos ensuring her 534.3K followers keep giving her all the love and zero negativity. 

She has a collective 6.9million likes on her content. 

19) Cindy @cindyk003-514.8K followers

Her real names are Cindy Kipsang and look like Azziad’s twin. What is that thing they say if it quacks like a duck?

She has 514.8K followers and an impressive 12.7million likes on her content. She is all about the looks, the fashion, and the sass, especially the sass…

20) Alma Mutheu-507.6k followers

Her bio says she is an actress, a comedian, and a lip-sync aficionado. 

She combines funny videos, dance, and lip-sync to ensure her 507.6K followers bring all the Likes, giving her a total of 14.5million likes so far. And counting. 

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1) SharonneVanessaKe-473.9k followers

Vanessa does everything. She can rap, as per her bio but it’s the comedy and the drama that had me spending quite some time on her timeline. With a collective of 6.8 million likes and 473.9 K follows, it is clear that I’m not the only one digging her content. 

2) YasminAbdull- 457.8 K followers

This 22-year-old serves the looks and the moves to ensure her 457.8K followers watch all her lipsync and dance videos to the end.

She has garnered some 6.4 collective million likes. 

3) Benawamalines @benawamalines- 392.0K followers

Benawamalines alias Pulaia Maisha has collectively 392.0k followers and 5M likes. If you want to crack your bones after a hectic day, login, in and watch his videos. 

4) Kelvin Ikwara- 362.4k followers

His moves are not the most fluid, nor his clothes the newest, or the trendiest but Kelvin, with the brightest smile you ever saw, is living his best life. His dances will make you smile it does no matter if you want it or not and that has been his whole strategy.

This has earned him a following of 362.4K and some 6.8million collective Likes, from a viral video meme into a bonafide Tiktok star.

5) king of muguka @_aq9ine- 326.8k followers

He’s a meru guy who took to the TikTok popularity to represent comrades’ challenges while in college. He has 4.0M likes and 326.8k followers. He’s known as the Batman and spider eater. He’s known for his yakish dish preparations which are extraordinary.

6) Kenyan.Romeo-305.0k followers

Who knew Romeo had a funny side? Because nothing is amusing about dying for love. Anyway, this Kenyan creator, with no affiliation to the Romeo of Shakespearean literature – is receiving all the love for content creator talents.

He’s hilarious, and you know who is laughing? His 305.0K followers have handed him a collective 5.0 million likes.

7) Iduissak- 331.7k followers

Another Tiktoker, a master of lip-syncing who keeps his following of 331.7K followers thoroughly entertained.

He has a collective 3.8 million Likes on his content.

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