Airtel Data Bundles in Kenya

Airtel offers various services that include voice, SMS, and mobile internet services. Its data bundles are available for 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and 90 days. The data bundles cost from as low as Ksh. 5 for 8MB. Some data bundles also come with free WhatsApp and YouTube. The data bundles are available at one time or you can choose for them to auto-renewal. They also have Unliminet bundles that come with calls, SMS, and data bundles. To subscribe to the data bundles, just dial *544# from your Airtel line.

Airtel Data Bundles
Airtel Data Bundles

The data bundles that Airtel Kenya offers are as follows:-

Airtel 24 hours data bundle

Daily Data Bundles (24Hrs Validity)
BundlesPrice (Ksh)Validity Period
200MB+FREE Whatsapp2024hrs
500MB+FREE Whatsapp5024hrs
2GB+FREE Whatsapp9924hrs
Daily Data Bundles

Airtel 7 Day Data Bundles

7 Day Data Bundles
BundlesPrice (Ksh)Validity Period
350MB+FREE Whatsapp507 days
750MB+FREE Whatsapp1007 days
2.5GB+FREE Whatsapp2507 days
6GB+FREE Whatsapp5007 days
7 Day Data Bundles

Airtel 30 Days Data Bundles

30 Days Data Bundles
BundlesPrice (Ksh)Validity Period
3GB+FREE Whatsapp30030 days
5GB+FREE Whatsapp50030 days
12GB+FREE Whatsapp100030 days
20GB+FREE Whatsapp150030 days
30GB+FREE Whatsapp200030 days
50GB+FREE Whatsapp300030 days
30 Days Data Bundles

Airtel 90 Days Data Bundles

90 Days Data Bundles
BundlesPrice (Ksh)Validity Period
25GB300090 days
55GB600090 days
90GB900090 days
90 Days Data Bundles

*Free WhatsApp is capped at 50 MB per Day

On Internet bundles customers have the choice of selection:One time bundleAuto renewal bundles

All unused bundles are rolled over upon renewal on or before the expiry date.

Upon depletion of your bundle you will be charged 4.3 bob per MB.

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