Kenyan best dating sites for single people

You can be single because you choose to be while others are single because they have not found a compatible partner.

Sometimes being single can cost you. You can be traumatized by uncontrollable challenges such as desperation for sex and can cause prostate cancer in men.

Dating can be problematic especially when you lack the confidence to face an opposite gender and apparently you lack verbal skills.

There are different Kenyan dating sites that are exclusively meant for adults, 18 years and above.

Here are the dating sites for single Kenyans.


This is a dating site that has gained the trust of many Kenyans. Their efforts don’t go in vain. This site has over 5000 Facebook followers.

You are assured of getting a partner provided you meet her/his conditions.


The site has over 200,000 members. Membership is free.

In this site, you will not only get a partner but  also educated on dating tips that can be physically employed when dating somebody


Those Kenyans who have dreams of getting an international guy or lady, this is the best site for you. In fact, dating is free of charge. No expense incurrence.


It was first launched in 2006. It’s free to sign up but you will have to incur some charges when upgrading certain features.


This is the best dating website in Kenya right now! KenyaDatingSite is the largest Kenyan online dating website that connects Kenyan women and men with other singles from Kenya

It’s also the best site for hooking up.

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